Without any formal training on any of the trades that has fetched me my daily bread, I still continue to survive on the sheer merit of an attitude that never says die.

From assisting an accounts clerk to developing  software, then from being an itinerant salesman to longish stints with film industry and then currently being anchored  as a development consultant, work experiences have taken to through a guided tour of labyrinth – called human minds.  Negotiating the dim, unpalpable and unknown allies of various acquaintances, I arrive here to narrate and document my experiences.

Since writing in English is the source of my sustenance, it has over the years, acquired a formal outlook. This attitude of my English is not best suited to capture the confessions and expressions that I venture out to capture here.

I am aware that writing in vernacular will definitely reduce audience. But still, I opt to attempt  to do justice to my subject. Besides, its mother tongue that gives us the best advantage to expressing  confessions, isn’t it ?

Amitava Purakayastha

June 2016